Our mission

To enhance the capabilities of men and women so as to Manage Life, Career and Social Responsibilities

What we offer

Entrepreneurs development

Next Generation Entrepreneurs development from various business fields

Teachers' trainings

Trainings for various Schools, Colleges and University Level Professors

Team building sessions for new employees

The program is aimed at providing holistic development of employees with respect to the sense of responsibility, importance of team, result oriented work system, fulfilment of commitments, adherence to quality standards, managing time and importance of ability to respond to changes.

Driver Training Program

The program is aimed at providing holistic development of men and women drivers including focusing on their physical wellness, behavior & mental strength, Knowledge of road and rules, Safety, Vehicle Maintenance & cleanliness, Punctuality, Communication & Etiquette, Financial Literacy.

Financial Literacy

The entire program is aimed at providing holistic development of workers in terms of understanding the various aspects of Economy.

Field visits

Field visits to various self sufficient villages

About us

Vishwakalyan Gurukul Seva Foundation is a section 8 non for profit company, who carries out activities as advisers, consultants, mentors in all types of management  systems, to all type of entrepreneurship concerns, whether private or public and processes and runs various management consultancy programs / seminars / trainings, provides assistance for processes to all types of business concerns and provides guidance for self-employment generation, welfare and development, monumental projects, medical projects, consumerism and right to information. And also arranges various community programs and events, do and promote all the charitable function for advancement and for the upliftment of the society and carries out all such other lawful things as considered necessary for the furtherance of the above objects.